Tray Ceiling, Garage Door, Trim & More!

Hello, friends!  Popping in to share a few more progress shots of the build.  We will be living in our new home in less than a week and a half—so excited!  That day has been over 8 months in the making and it can’t come soon enough!  Patience is key when building a house–especially when living in a temporary location during the build (see my post on Thoughts on Gratefulness & Renting here)!  People keep asking me if I am busy packing and my response has been, “Well…… no, actually.  We are still mostly packed up from our move six months ago and can’t wait to finally UNPACK soon!”

On to the progress.  Can I get a drum roll, please?  Presenting our “fancy” garage door:


Please ignore the ugly garbage pile in front–I was so excited I snapped a photo before I started clean up duties for the day and forgot to take another one later.  Oh well, always real life at BuildingHouse|MakingHome, I can guarantee that ;-)!  The reason I say “fancy” is because last time we built, I had to have a regular plain old beige garage door with no windows.  The door was on the side of the house, and since I got “my way” with that decision, we didn’t want to spend extra money on a “fancy” garage door when it should have just blended into the side of the house.  THIS TIME, it worked best with our lot configuration to have the garage door on the front.  My husband got “his way” with a big garage that is easy to pull into from the driveway and I got “my way” with the “fancy” windows and coach door design.  Hopefully we will install the pulls and brackets in the near future but, for now, I am happy with my new, “fancy” garage door.  Especially happy thinking about all of the wonderful projects I’m planning for my hubby to work on in said garage…..  😉

Now on to the tray ceiling.  We thought a wood tray ceiling would be a nice feature on our back deck but that is something we decided to do ourselves instead of having the builder do it to save on labor costs.  Here are a few progress shots, and although we have a long way to go (by we, of course I mean my husband and boys ), it is looking great so far.  


I will be staining the wood after it is installed and I’m not looking forward to staining something over my head, however, we are on a tight time schedule and there was no time to pre-stain before install.

Also, we have trim to show you:This is the front foyer area with a hall closet which shows you our interior door and trim style.  I have black lever handles for the interior doors so I’m excited to see those doors and trim all painted up soon with the handles installed.  I was going for a look similar to this:


Hoping everything comes together in real life just as nicely as it looks in my head ;-)!

And now, if you noticed the title of this post, it is time for MORE!  Today is kitchen & bathroom cabinet install day!  Hooray!  Feast your eyes on shaker cabinets galore:

I am going to leave you with only photos, guessing about which cabinets are going where until next time {insert evil laughter}…  Ok, so maybe you don’t really care what is going where as much as I do ;-).  I get that.  BUT, see that cabinet with the mysterious wood-with-hole-cut-out insert?  That is a super fun feature my husband wanted in the house and I’ll explain more next time.  For now I leave you with four (ok, five) words:  food prep, knives, composting, easy!

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Thanks for stopping by and come again real soon!  ♥ Tina

Exterior Update and Style Boards!

I’m back…. and apologize for the delay in updates!  We have siding!  So exciting!  Now I’m rhyming!  OK, I’ll stop now.

The exterior is almost complete!  We now have siding and are awaiting the garage door installation tomorrow.  I will post that picture just a soon as possible but here is where we are at:


At first I was worried that the vinyl shake siding above the garage door and front doors was too light, but now that I see it all finished, I think it will be a nice contrast with the garage door which is going to be black.  You can sort of see in the photo above that the trim around the garage door area is black.  That was my husband’s decision as he was at the lot when they asked the question ;-).  Since the front door is also trimmed with black, I think it will look ok—fingers crossed!  I do like the look of black trim and even the black windows that are being installed in many of the new builds around here, however, I was really going for timeless and classic with all of my decisions this time around and I just think maybe the “industrial” look of black windows might go out of style in 10 years or so.  I could totally be wrong, but decided to go the safe route with white trimmed windows as I know I liked that look 10 years ago and still today, so that rates as “timeless” in my book.  Again, fingers crossed ;-).

Here are the style boards I have created for all of the major design decisions in the main living spaces (the wood flooring pictures I was able to find are reading way too orangey online and that is not the true color–keep that in mind):



I will post about each specific room board in the next week–dedicating one post to each room/area with purchase and material detail links.  Just wanted to give you a feel for the “look” we are going for.  I would tag it as Cottage/Coastal/Country–what do you think?  What is your favorite style at the moment?

Thanks for stopping by and come again real soon!   Tina

Thoughts on gratefulness and renting…


It is Friday night, I am sore and very tired, but so very thankful at this moment. I only had to work at my job in the morning today and so was able to spend the afternoon at our new house sweeping and vacuuming up twenty-five pounds of drywall dust.  We are ready for paint, people!  The job was very dusty and tedious, but fun in a sort of “this-job-sucks-but-it-is-getting-me-closer-to-something-really-amazing” kind of way.hard work pays off

I have just finished a long, hot bath and hopefully have most of the dust out of my hair but I think I will be blowing the stuff out of my nose for the next week or so.  Guess I should have worn one of those mask thingies ;-).  Anyway, I am grateful to have such a productive afternoon, grateful for my long, hot bath, but especially grateful for my 17-year-0ld son who almost made me cry when he offered to take his younger brother to hockey practice after supper.  That was going to be my task for the evening and doesn’t really sound all that bad, does it?  However, his practice is located where we are going to live once we move into our new house and that is currently over 35 minutes away.  So, 40 minute drive + be there 20 minutes early + 1 hour practice + 15 minutes to take off equipment and shower + 40 minute drive home = ALMOST THREE HOURS  added onto the end of a very tired mom’s day.  So yes, I did kiss my 17-year-old and yes, he did say “ewwww, Mom!!!”, and no, I don’t care that he pretends he doesn’t like it–I’m grateful.


I am also grateful we have somewhere to live while we are building–a rental house.  No, everyone does not have their own bedroom and the floor plan is not at all conducive to the way we live, and the fixtures and finishes in the house are not at all “my style”, but it works for us for now.

This particular situation has taught me something very important about myself, however.

  • We haven’t really unpacked from six months ago when we moved in.
  • I am using only essential items in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • No art hangs on the walls except for a few things that, by happy accident, looked “ok” hanging on an existing nail or screw (there was no way I was going to be nailing things into the wall only to have to patch them up before we left).
  • We sold all of our “good” living room furniture before we moved and so we are using our destined for the dump “basement hang out” furniture in the living room until we move.
  • Many rooms have boxes along one wall or stacked in the corner awaiting MOVE #2.
  • The entire basement is full of labelled stacks of boxes awaiting MOVE #2.  (See my previous post with lots of moving tips.)

All of the reasons above add up to one really big realization about my personality or how God made me or whatever you want to call it: I NEED TO HAVE A VISUALLY PLEASING ENVIRONMENT TO COME HOME TO EACH NIGHT IN ORDER TO NURTURE MY FAMILY AND PRESERVE MY OWN MENTAL HEALTH!   There, I said it.  It sounds so selfish, right?  But it is just the way I am, now I know.  I like to have a pleasant, and calm, and settled-feeling house to live in with my family and our rental house is not that.

You may be thinking, “Well, they did live there for six months, why didn’t she put the effort in to make it look a bit more homey?”  My answer is, I did try.  My rules for OPERATION: MAKE RENTAL FEEL LIKE HOME were that 1.) I was not going to unpack any of my home decor boxes and 2.) I would embrace my inner minimalist.  That basically lasted for one month and then I broke down and went to IKEA to get a few plants & pots and colorful boxes to store some office supplies in–boxes can be used for MOVE #2, right?  However, that was just the home office area which is squeezed in along one wall of the dining room and all of the fun IKEA purchases still couldn’t compete with the large, gold chandelier theme we have going on in the rental house.  #stuckinthe90s

Well, here we are–three weeks away from MOVE #2 and it is already time for me to contemplate which items we will be bringing over to the basement in the new house first.  We made it–I am still sane–I am definitely grateful.  BUT… I sure can’t wait to spend my Christmas Break nesting in our new house.  #bestchristmasgiftever

Thanks for stopping by and come again real soon!   Tina

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