Beachy Parisian Bathroom

Well folks, I have a bunch more poorly lit photos to share ;-).  The rainy weather continues in our neck of the woods and so getting a well-lit photograph of any of our projects is a stretch at this point.  Pairing this with the fact that I am away from home 5 days a week during the brightest hours of the day means that I must photograph and share these for now.  I hope to do a current house tour post next week so crossing my fingers for sunny days on the weekend!

Let’s talk master bathrooms today, shall we?  I had high hopes when designing our current home as far as the master bathroom was concerned.  High on the need want list was a water closet (toilet in separate room on its own), soaking tub, two sinks and a large tiled shower.  Turns out we were able to fit all those amenities into our meager budget – yay for a peaceful master bath retreat!  I know I am a spoiled brat here, but after a long day of work, transporting offspring, cooking meals, washing dishes, doing laundry, personal fitness, feeding the cat, and so on and so forth, it sure is a treat to retire to this amazing room to relax and rejuvenate.  Side note:  did you know that the definition of rejuvenate is “make (someone or something) look or feel younger, fresher, or more lively“.  Yes, please.  😉

After we moved in there were a just a few little projects for us to do in order for our retreat to be complete!  #1. Blinds.  Because we like our new neighbours and don’t want alienate them with the sight of our naked bodies at 6 in the morning (or any other time of day for that matter).  I ordered these bamboo blinds from Amazon and just love how they help make the bathroom more “beachy”.  I also ordered this super beachy-looking capiz shell chandelier.  Here is similar one from Amazon.  Funny story…   When purchasing the light apparently I must have skimmed over the “DIY” in the very detailed description,

Aero Snail 3-Light Round Chandelier with Round Capiz Seashells Natural White DIY Pendant Light

He he….  It was definitely “DIY”.  Each shell and miniscule keychain ring came separate which means that there were a bagillion (yes, I slayed high school math) little rings to install on roughly the same number of capiz shells:

Luckily on purpose I selected a weekend when my sweet mom was in town to assemble the light.  Our youngest helped out as well and we knocked that little “DIY” project off the list in roughly 3 hours.

#2 project – build and paint tub surround.  Doug (my honey) got right to work getting that surround built and then it was all me for the painting.  I just matched it to our existing trim color, “Simply White” by Benjamin Moore.

#3 project – paint and hang the vanity mirrors.  Originally I had planned to use a driftwood framed mirror (see the inspiration style board) from our previous house but it didn’t look big enough when we held it up in place once the bathroom was actually finished.  It now is hanging in our front foyer and looks fabulous.  Plan B = second hand mirrors.

Does anyone else break out the paint can at 9:30PM on a Friday night when the kids have gone to bed and the husband is out at his Friday night hockey league game?  No?  Just me then.   Anyway, as you can see from the amazing picture above, the vanity mirrors had brown trim.  I wasn’t sure what color I wanted them to be initially but I knew the dark stain finish was not working with the beachy Parisian vibe.  After some aimless hours spent on Pinterest extensive research I determined that gray was the color that would bring these $15 beauties back in style.  I used gray chalk paint from the local hardware store.  I’ll post the exact brand and colour later.  One coat and done with chalk paint – love it!

I purchased (had my parents purchase, actually) the mirrors at a hotel surplus store where they have furniture previously used in hotels, offices, etc.  I knew they would be great for bathroom mirrors or for the main living area somewhere so I had good old mom and dad get four just to be safe.  You can never have too many mirrors.  Am I right?  😉

Beachy Parisian Vanity @ Building House|Making Home

So happy with how these turned out!  On to #4 project – find something Parisian-looking to hold towels and other bathroom necessities that fit in with my beachy Parisian vision.  Hmmm….  Something like this perhaps:

Something like that but also with a small price tag…  IKEA to the rescue!

Ikea Vittsjo Shelf

Am I weird that I enjoy assembling Ikea furniture?  Thought so.  Anyway, set to work on assembling the shelf after a quick trip to Ikea to just purchase the shelf and the shelf only… and maybe a few super cute wooden snack bowls and oh yeah, a curtain rod for the master bedroom… but that was definitely it…  😉

Ikea Vittsjo Shelf

A while later I got to style my new Parisian-looking shelf and voila…

Since reading in the bathtub is part of my nightly ritual, I thought having my favie fave books in here would be smart.  This shelf is very large and has plenty of room for my books and plenty of towels and other bathroom necessities to boot.  In my opinion bathroom necessities include a miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower and sea shells–very beachy Parisian!  😉

Beachy Parisian Bathroom
Master Bathroom Styleboard

Pretty stoked to have the finished product somewhat resemble my original vision!  And, I feel so cosmopolitan soaking in my tub while I read “Eat That Frog”.  Oh yeah, I also like reading self-help books while relaxing to make me feel guilty for wasting time relaxing when I should be getting stuff done…  Wait, what?

Stay tuned for a full kitchen tour and hopefully better-lit photos to come!  Thanks for stopping by and come again real soon!  If you want posts to be delivered directly to your inbox, don’t forget to subscribe (top right menu bar).


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