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So today I’m linking up with The Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes.  This post is a very real, very authentic look at what our house looks like 10 days before Christmas and 17 days after moving, pictures are taken with a cell phone and this totally goes against my perfectionist tendencies ;-).  BUT…. I’m posting it anyway since The Nester is all about opening up our imperfect homes, love that!  And boy, do I have some imperfections to share–here we go:

The stockings were hung by the exposed chimney with care” because why unpack regular decor when you can unpack the Christmas stuff?!?  As you can see our “hearth” is not quite complete ;-).  My wonderful husband has that on his to do list for the one day he has off between Christmas and New Year’s Eve that we are home.  He’s just the BEST!  Shiplap all the way to the ceiling, baby!  I couldn’t be more excited!  Here’s an inspiration photo that we are modeling ours after:


You can also see that our Christmas tree is sporting exactly six ornaments.  After locating the tree box, lugging it upstairs, setting it up, stringing the lights because the “pre-lit” lights no longer work, and starting to “fluff” the branches, I called in the reinforcements.  My ten-year-old son was in charge of hanging the ornaments while I dispersed the other decorations.  Six ornaments in and he needed a break…  Sheesh!  I had no kind, Christmas spirit words at that moment for my son.  The tree currently sits surrounded by the ornament storage totes and when our plumber came to install the last two faucets, he wondered if we were all getting Rubbermaid totes as gifts this year ;-).  Not a bad idea, actually…

Let us continue the imperfect tour with the lovely hole in the wall to the right of the fireplace which SHOULD have a vent cover installed but our HVAC guy ordered the wrong size.  We will be finding the correct size and installing that ourselves…. soonish.

The stockings were a Pottery Barn online purchase and sadly, they are no longer available.  I do love these stockings and haven’t seen any that rival them in my book since I purchased them ten years ago.  They are the exact colors that I use to decorate for Christmas each year, they are large, and they are stretchy.  Our families’ stockings need to be large and stretchy since that is the only gift giving that we do around here.  The stockings will hold magazines, t-shirts, underwear, socks, candy, toys and much, much more.  My sons have been known to put the stockings on after they have unloaded them and walk around like a bunch of goofballs.  😉  It’s a pretty hilarious tradition actually and cracks me up every year.

What goofy Christmas traditions does your family have?  Please tell me something so I know we are not alone in our Christmas goofiness!

Anyway, Merry Christmas and the most Blessed 2017 from my imperfect home to yours!  Thanks for stopping by and come again real soon!  ♥ Tina


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