Building Update – Where we are at right now…

Today we were at the lot all day cleaning and putting up the railing on the deck.  This seems to be our new Saturday routine:  sleep in a bit (yay!), have bacon and eggs for breakfast made by my fabulous husband, pack up the back of the pickup and head to the lot, work on projects and clean up inside and outside, pick up pizza for lunch, work on projects and clean up inside and outside, head home for a late supper and Saturday night hockey on tv.

I really wanted to share the progress on the house so this post will be mainly pictures.

First up is our new/old fireplace:

reclaimed brick fireplace

I just love the look of reclaimed brick fireplaces and also barn beam mantels.  We picked out the beam at our previous neighbour’s “scrap yard”.  If you like to renovate or build things yourself, he is the perfect neighbour to have!  In our last house, we were almost finished with our basement fireplace and had just run out of stone.  He happened to have the exact stone we needed to finish!  We also used one of his barn beams on that fireplace as well.  He is such a sweetie that he sent us home with three beams this time so we could choose the best fit once we had them on site.  We are going to use the others around the house for shelves and other projects so watch for those to appear in upcoming posts.  We are hoping to install shiplap above the fireplace similar to this:

from Fox Hollow Cottage

OK, enough about the fireplace, next up is the kitchen:

kitchen drywalled Building House|Making Home

Or, what will be the kitchen anyway…  At the very left of the photo you can see where the refrigerator will be set into the wall.  That black thing hanging down is where our vent hood will be over the stove.  Can’t wait for installation of my farmhouse sink under the window – I’ve always wanted a window over my kitchen sink!  On the very right of the picture are the sliding glass doors to our back deck.  Speaking of the back deck…

deck railing install Building House|Making Home

There’s my sweetie working away on the railing for the deck ;-).  Love that guy!  Do you see another one of my sweeties in the background “tending” the fire?  It is our youngest’s job whenever we are at the lot to start and tend the fire as we always have scrap wood and cardboard to burn.  Might not be the perfect match for his ADD tendencies as the fire kept going out today ;-).

deck railing install2 Building House|Making Home

There’s the railing install progress.  As you can see, we are going to need to finish that little project up before we are awarded our occupancy permit–that deck sits very high above the ground!

And finally for today, the dining room:

dining room drywall Building House|Making Home

This room has two windows that overlook our front porch and a portion of the room (on the left) that will be a spot for our home office.

Here is an inspiration picture that I will use for this little office nook:

office nook

Can’t wait to show you the chandelier and style board for this room!

We have been building for three months now and although everything is running fairly smoothly and quite quickly, we are getting so excited to just be done and move in!  My heart is telling me to relax and and enjoy this particular situation because it really is fun for us to dream and plan and see our visions become reality.  We are very blessed to be able to do this “build a house” thing not only once, but twice.  Stay tuned for more progress pictures and many style boards to come!

Thanks for stopping by and come again real soon!   Tina

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  1. Kelli Hueneke says: Reply

    This is so EXCITING! Love your new blog and YOU! xoxoxoxo Kel

    1. Thanks, Kelli!

  2. I have heard that after building a house, you need to build a second house, learning from the mistakes from House #1. I can tell you had excellant English teachers. Your letters are so well written. Love you. Aunt Cathy

    1. Thanks, Aunt Cathy! Yes, we have tweaked a few things on our new house plans that we learned from last time like having the stairs to the basement closer to the main living area and putting the master suite on the other side of the house from the kids’ rooms (although that could be just a different stage of life thing 😉 )!

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