Cottage Basement Bedroom Progress

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Today I wanted to quickly share the progress on our son’s cottage-style basement bedroom so far.  We had a productive weekend and the ceiling and walls are now painted and the flooring installation is halfway done.

cottage basement bedroom for teen boy

The ceiling was painted with white ceiling paint (no specific color–just got it off the shelf that way and had the associate shake it up for me).  We chose Light French Gray from Sherwin Williams for our wall color:  Light French Gray Sherwin Williams


In our previous home, our master bedroom was painted that shade and so I know that it is a GOOD, NEUTRAL gray–doesn’t read green or very blue at any time of the day.

My handy husband had ripped sheets of thin plywood into strips and installed them so that I could do most of the painting all at the same time.  I had originally hoped to be able to paint these planks before he installed them, but the timing didn’t work out on that :-(.  The fact that we both work full-time means sacrifices in optimal project step timing.  Oh well, I’ll take a DONE project over a perfectly-timed project-IN-PROGRESS any day ;-).

I do plan to paint the trim before he nails it in place but we’ll see if that actually works out.  I’m planning to use Benjamin Moore’s Simply White for the trim in the basement as that is our trim color on the main floor.

We plan to install simple shaker-style trim in this room similar to the above.  I am so impressed with the laminate flooring that we got for such a good price ($1/sq. ft. CAD)!

cottage basement bedroom for teen boy

The flooring reads more gray in real life so ties in well with the wall color.   We currently don’t have a nightstand for this bedroom so I’m looking at options for painting a thrift store find or having hubby whip something up.  What do you think of the options below?

teen boy nightstand

teen boy nightstand

Your comments would be appreciated on the nightstand issue as I have a very limited time frame to decide!  I’m so excited to get the trim finished in this room so I can start moving in furniture and styling in time for my son’s return home.  I’m sure he will really appreciate all of my decorating and styling efforts . . . #teenagerenoughsaid  😉

Thanks for stopping by today and come again real soon!

♥ Tina

Sophisticated Stairway

Happy Tuesday, friends!  I promised to post pictures of some projects inspired by my recent visit to the Magnolia Market & Silos so here we go…

For three months now I have been staring at this as I head to our basement:

Not so cute, I know.  In order to save some $$$ during the build, I asked the builder to just have paint-grade stairs installed and I would worry about finishing them later.  I was dealing with a bit of decision overload and wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with the stairs yet.

My original plan was to stain the stair treads and paint the risers white like this:

Our stair way takes a similar turn to the one pictured above with a landing and two more steps before you enter the basement.  My super sweet hubby installed hardwood on the landing when I was in Texas.  “What a nice surprise to come home to, honey!  Now I have to finish my part, huh?”  Nuts!

I had started finishing the stairway more than a month ago by staining the upper hand rail and that is as far as I got with my Finish The Stairway Project.  Staining is STINKY, y’all!!!   I got halfway through that hand rail and had a pounding headache but pressed on to at least finish one part!  Staining all those stair treads sounded excruciating to me at that point and so I stopped with the rail and waited for inspiration…  Fast forward to when I was in Waco–we visited quite a few housewares and antique shops other than Magnolia, and my favorite was The Findery.  They had these amazing black stairs and it got me thinking, I could totally paint my stairs black–problem solved!  I looked up a few more inspirational photos online just to make sure it would look ok paired with our current hardwood floors and white trim:


Yep, I like it.  Give me paint and a brush and I’ll paint all the day long, no more STINKY staining for this girl (except the shelf above that landing because I promised the hubs, oh and also the other hand rail 🙁  Boo!… ).  Saturday at noon I quickly taped off the white trim before I lost my nerve, grabbed my brush and the can of floor and porch paint and got to work:

One coat of black paint on.

I had the second coat slapped on before bed that evening and I even made soup, did laundry and went to a fundraising dinner in between.  Sunday I got to wake up to these babies:

So. much. better.

Oops, looks like we need to do some fingerprint clean up there on the right… 😉  Real life here at building house|making home as always, folks!

And yes, that would still be tape on the wall from when I stained the railing over a month ago–again real life… 😉  I still have some touching up to do on the wall and trim above the landing as my husband had to lower the entire landing in order to install the hardwood–yikes–I’m sure glad I wasn’t around when he realized that little hiccup!  I plan to install a runner on the stairs similar to this:

Crossing my fingers I can find an economical runner that looks similar.  As you can see our basement stairway leads to…. the basement (um, duh.  Not sure why I needed to tell you that…) which is unfinished at the moment.  My hubs is very talented in the areas of basement finishing and saving money on house builds 😉 so we decided to take that project on ourselves instead of having the basement finished during the build.

Finishing the basement after you have lived in the house for a bit has the added benefit of knowing how you use the spaces in your new home and what you are lacking as far as areas for specific activities and extra children to sleep and what have you.  We plan to have two bedrooms for our two oldest sons, a family room, workout area and a bathroom in the basement along with keeping some areas unfinished for storage and a furnace room.  Here is where we are at in that process:

We decided to start with a bedroom for our senior in high school so he can have a room to himself before he graduates… cutting that one close as he’s done in June ;-).

I wanted to bring the cottage feel down to the basement by planking his ceiling and painting it white.  He has a really nice-sized window in his room and it really doesn’t seem like it is in the basement at all.  The photo doesn’t show that well, sorry!  There is a little “shelf” on two walls of his room that we will finish off with a stained plank of wood to match the flooring we plan to install.  That will be a nice little detail in the room and a spot to display trophies and memorabilia… and his high school diploma… ;-).  I am waiting until my husband is done taping the drywall (a few more days of that) and then it’s time to paint!  Ceiling = white and walls = most likely Light French Gray by Sherwin Williams and the floors a lighter laminate wood.  The look will be similar to this:

I have one more project reveal from the weekend involving more, you guessed it, BLACK PAINT!  Once I open a can of paint, nothing is safe ;-).  Stay tuned for the reveal later this week!

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