We are building a new house…..again!

What!?!  Didn’t we JUST do this (well, 10 years ago, but still)?  I thought we said we would NEVER do this again!  Comfortably settled into what we thought was our dream home (pictured below), a few life situations came up last fall causing our family to question the logistics and value of putting the house up for sale and finding a lot to build another new house on.  Does anyone else eat more when they are stressed?!?

building house making home dream home #1

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After searching for a bit, we found a few good prospects about 20 minutes away from our current house.  When our real estate agent took us to one lot in particular, my heart skipped a beat – this was IT!

Big but not too big?  Check.  The lot was 1.5 acres.

Existing trees and grass?  Check.  Three sides of the lot are bordered by trees with a cute smaller “grove” of trees in the center and the entire lot was planted with grass already.

Not too close to neighbours?  Check.

Reasonable commute to work?  Check.

All this with the bonus of being just outside of the cutest little town you ever did see with a cool cafe, boutique shops, pizza places, a hockey arena, grocery store and OUR bank!

Lot sold building house making home


building house making home lot
Our vacant lot view facing the road

Please excuse the blurry phone picture and the ugly grass–it was very early spring.  Round one (10 years ago) of buying a lot and building a house for us meant planting every single tree and blade of grass ourselves since we basically purchased a corn field ;-).  We were smiling from ear to ear with all of the trees and grass that came with our lot this time around.

Building House|Making Home Backyard

Building house making home backyard 2

Smiling until we realized we would be moving… twice… sigh.  Let the stress eating begin ;-).

Stay tuned for our next episodes:

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