March Madness – Mudroom Edition

mudroom designDoes anyone else have a house full of males that are obsessed with NCAA basketball right now? ¬†#marchmadnesswidow ūüėČ ¬†I’m not complaining, actually, because this means I am left to do basically whatever I want without being bothered the entire evening. ¬†The other night during the basketball games I spring cleaned in the Master Bathroom:

master bathroom chalk paint mirrors beachy parisian

grove collaborative

and plotted my next project–THE MUDROOM/LAUNDRY ROOM:

black mud room door

We have a nice-sized “room” that enters our home from the garage that holds our washer and dryer, one window to our front yard and one wall suitable for a coat and shoe storage system of some sort. ¬†I recently painted the interior of this door black – click here for that post. ¬†So maybe you already know this, but we have a family of six (and I’m the only female #itsgoodtobethequeen). ¬†Just doing some quick math determines that if all of us have one heavy and one light jacket and two favorite pairs of shoes stored in this space, we need to have functional storage for about one zillion coats and¬†shoes. ¬†1 six foot wall divided by that crazy amount of clothing items is going to be a design challenge to say the least! ¬†But with your help, I think I am up to it! ¬†Since the only wall available for coats and shoes is just adjacent to the window like this:

I am limited in what sort of system I choose for my sweetie to build. ¬†Our ceilings are 9 feet so we have the option to locate the shelf up above the window frame or cut it off like the photo above so it doesn’t run into the window. ¬†I have a Pinterest board going with a ton of inspiration for this space – click here.


And here are my favorite inspiration photos from the board:

mudroom shiplap hook area coats shoes

Don’t you just love how when people post their coat and shoe areas on their blogs or Pinterest, there are hardly any coats and shoes stored there–wreaths, pretty scarves, purses and baskets galore, but where are the dirty soccer cleats, muddy boots and the ugly coat your husband refuses to donate to Goodwill? ¬†Maybe that’s just our family… ūüėČ

Anywho, I have a design tip for you.  When you are planning a room or design project and have a Pinterest board or inspiration photos gathered, look closely at all of the images and find what they all have in common.  By looking at the common themes of your images, you are able to decipher the style, materials and colors that have you inspired.  That exercise helps me to be less overwhelmed when I am trying to choose different materials and colors for my projects as there are usually so many pretty options out there.  So for our coat and shoe storage area I do see a theme in all of the above photos:

*white paneling or shiplap

*top shelf

*black hooks

*natural wood tones

*and baskets

Since those must be the design elements that I find visually pleasing, I will be sure to include all of those things in my design plan.  Do you have a mudroom/coat and boot area in your home?  What is your most favorite or most frustrating about it?  What should I be sure to include in my plan?  I would love your comments and suggestions as we are basically starting from scratch for this area.  Hopefully I will have my complete plan in place, ready to hand over to hubby once March Madness is finished ;-).

mudroom design

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What to Wear – Waco Edition

I am getting so excited for my Women Gone Wild Weekend impending trip to Waco, TX! ¬†As I pack my suitcase, I am striving to keep the clothing items to a minimum so as to save as much room as possible for my Magnolia Market purchases ;-). ¬†We plan to be there three nights and four days so I plan to pack a few basic pieces to mix and match as needed for whatever events/outings may come my way. ¬†Having a good plan is key in situations such as this where I could potentially get out of control. ¬†I am prone to overpack on occasion–a girl needs to have options, right? ¬†The weather this weekend looks to be partly cloudy and in the mid-seventies.
Based on the forecast and the places we plan to go, here is what I plan to pack:
Untitled #2

My 21″ x 13″ x 8″ suitcase will contain:

TOPS: 1 denim button-up top, 1 striped t-shirt, 1 gray long-sleeved top, 1 black cable-knit sweater, 1 teal/navy print tunic (not pictured)

BOTTOMS:  1 pair black skinny pants, 1 pair navy crop leggings, 1 pair skinny jeans

SHOES:  1 pair brown leather boots, 1 pair black or navy converse, 1 pair black suede booties

OUTERWEAR:  1 light tan leather jacket (I can layer the black sweater over or under something if I need to)

ACCESSORIES:  tan or black purse, teal statement necklace, gold locket necklace, gold hoop earrings, silver circle drop earrings, black & tan belts

EXTRAS:  undies, pjs and swim suit

Here’s hoping I can keep it to these items and not throw in any extras at the last minute “just in case”… not that I’ve ever done that before or anything ;-).

Can’t wait to post all about my trip when I get back! ¬†Waco, here I come!

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Exterior Update and Style Boards!

I’m back…. and apologize for the delay in updates! ¬†We have siding! ¬†So exciting! ¬†Now I’m rhyming! ¬†OK, I’ll stop now.

The exterior is almost complete!  We now have siding and are awaiting the garage door installation tomorrow.  I will post that picture just a soon as possible but here is where we are at:


At first I was worried that the vinyl shake siding above the garage door and front doors was too light, but now that I see it all finished, I think it will be a nice contrast with the garage door which is going to be black. ¬†You can sort of see in the photo above that the trim around the garage door area is black. ¬†That was my husband’s decision as he was at the lot when they asked the question ;-). ¬†Since the front door is also trimmed with black, I think it will look ok—fingers crossed! ¬†I do like the look of black trim and even the black windows that are being installed in many of the new builds around here, however, I was really going for timeless and classic with all of my decisions this time around and I just think maybe the “industrial” look of black windows might go out of style in 10 years or so. ¬†I could totally be wrong, but decided to go the safe route with white trimmed windows as I know I liked that look 10 years ago and still today, so that rates as “timeless” in my book. ¬†Again, fingers crossed ;-).

Here are the style boards I have created for all of the major design decisions in¬†the main living spaces (the wood flooring pictures I was able to find are reading way too orangey online and that is not the true color–keep that in mind):



I will post about each specific room board in the next week–dedicating one post to each room/area with purchase and material detail links. ¬†Just wanted to give you a feel for the “look” we are going for. ¬†I would tag it as Cottage/Coastal/Country–what do you think? ¬†What is your favorite style at the moment?

Thanks for stopping by and come again real soon!  ♥ Tina

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