Cottage Basement Bedroom Progress

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Today I wanted to quickly share the progress on our son’s cottage-style basement bedroom so far.  We had a productive weekend and the ceiling and walls are now painted and the flooring installation is halfway done.

cottage basement bedroom for teen boy

The ceiling was painted with white ceiling paint (no specific color–just got it off the shelf that way and had the associate shake it up for me).  We chose Light French Gray from Sherwin Williams for our wall color:  Light French Gray Sherwin Williams


In our previous home, our master bedroom was painted that shade and so I know that it is a GOOD, NEUTRAL gray–doesn’t read green or very blue at any time of the day.

My handy husband had ripped sheets of thin plywood into strips and installed them so that I could do most of the painting all at the same time.  I had originally hoped to be able to paint these planks before he installed them, but the timing didn’t work out on that :-(.  The fact that we both work full-time means sacrifices in optimal project step timing.  Oh well, I’ll take a DONE project over a perfectly-timed project-IN-PROGRESS any day ;-).

I do plan to paint the trim before he nails it in place but we’ll see if that actually works out.  I’m planning to use Benjamin Moore’s Simply White for the trim in the basement as that is our trim color on the main floor.

We plan to install simple shaker-style trim in this room similar to the above.  I am so impressed with the laminate flooring that we got for such a good price ($1/sq. ft. CAD)!

cottage basement bedroom for teen boy

The flooring reads more gray in real life so ties in well with the wall color.   We currently don’t have a nightstand for this bedroom so I’m looking at options for painting a thrift store find or having hubby whip something up.  What do you think of the options below?

teen boy nightstand

teen boy nightstand

Your comments would be appreciated on the nightstand issue as I have a very limited time frame to decide!  I’m so excited to get the trim finished in this room so I can start moving in furniture and styling in time for my son’s return home.  I’m sure he will really appreciate all of my decorating and styling efforts . . . #teenagerenoughsaid  😉

Thanks for stopping by today and come again real soon!

♥ Tina

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  1. It’s coming along great! I love the bottom nightstand for an industrial type look!

    1. Thanks, Dana! I think we can make the bottom one faster as well–speed is key with this project ;-)! Have a great Wednesday, cutie! xo Tina

  2. Just found your site. There are many things I love what you are doing. If this is an indication of what the room will be like, it will be rocking, socking, cool.

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