Cottage Basement Bedroom is Done – Teenage Son is Stranded…

Happy Friday, everyone!  So sorry for the blogcation I took this week.  I have been a busy little bee trying to get our son’s bedroom completed before he returned home from his mission trip late Wednesday night.  Guess what?  He is STILL in Haiti!  It is a bit of a story so let’s continue with the progress pictures while I tell it.

cottage basement bedroom teenage son

Here we are at the beginning of this week.  My super amazing husband managed to get the floor installed and most of the trim done by Monday so I could get some detail painting done.

building house making home basement bedroom laminate floor

We are so pleased with how the laminate flooring turned out.  We chose the Classen Megaloc in Sahara Oak from Lowe’s because of the light variated gray tones and also because of the $1 per square foot sale price ;-).   The light gray color helped with the beachy/cottagy theme I was going for.

And it did feel really beachy inside the bedroom until I looked out the window :-(.  Speaking of beaches, back to our son in Haiti.  Due to some political unrest, there was a strike at the airport on the day they were scheduled to fly out and their flights were cancelled.  I prayed for his emotional state on that day because our second son is not one to take a change in plans well.  We were very thankful his group was not at the airport and could stay safely at the mission for the time being.

cottage bedroom shelf paint stain


There is a shelf on two walls of his room that we wanted to paint and stain to match the flooring as closely as we could.  I began by painting about one foot at a time with the same gray paint (Sherwin Williams Light French Gray) I used on the walls and then immediately wiping it off with a damp cloth.

After that dried, I broke out the Minwax Dark Walnut stain and did the same thing with the stain–brushed on one foot and then immediately wiped with a cloth.

cottage bedroom shelf paint and stain

That technique ended up giving the shelf the exact coloring we were going for so I stopped after that step and didn’t fiddle with it anymore.

stays clear polyurethane

The final step was to apply some Stays Clear Acrylic Polyurethane to the shelf to seal it and make it more durable.  Good thing this product stays clear because we spent the entire day on Wednesday being very unclear on when our son would be able to fly home.

cottage basement bedroom teenage son

So here we are with the planked ceiling trimmed and the shelf now matching the floors – yay!

dutch armoire in basement cottage bedroom

Next step was to assemble the wardrobe from my husband’s grandfather who immigrated to Canada in the 40’s and took most of his family’s furniture with him.  This baby has been in more houses than I can count on two hands!  It is still standing strong due to some amazing 1930’s European construction–they just don’t build them like they used to ;-)!  It actually completely comes apart and folds to lay flat.  Maybe this was one of the first IKEA pieces?  😉  One of the handles is broken but I plan to fix that soon.  Anyway, it is pretty special for our son to have his great-grandfather’s wardrobe for a closet and it is so spacious–it doesn’t look big in this shot, but trust me, it is massive!

cottage basement bedroom teenage son blinds

I had accidentally ordered an incorrect size of bamboo blinds from Amazon in December so we just made sure that the window frame was appropriately sized so that the blinds would fit in this bedroom and it turned out to be a happy accident!  I love how the bamboo brings some warm tones into the very gray room!  And yep, still snow on the ground…

black painted door

Another finishing touch was to paint the door black.  This is a picture after the first coat.  The next challenge we faced was what to use as a desk.  We had some old twin bed frames hanging around our basement–does anyone else have that problem?  They are SO hard to get rid of! 😉  #furnituresquatters  Anyway, my husband and I devised a plan to cut up one of the frames to create four legs for a desk.  Now what to use for the top?

desk in cottage basement bedroom

We also happened to have various pieces and sizes of melamine from old furniture, shelving and reno projects saved up and stored in our basement as strange couples like us do.  We found a four by two foot gray piece that would work perfectly for a desk.  This shows the “desk” before the final trim was installed and painted around the top edge.  Again, full reveal coming tomorrow.  Speaking of coming tomorrow… our son will now arrive home late tomorrow night and I’m sure he will be so tired he won’t care where he sleeps, but it will be in his BRAND NEW BEDROOM nonetheless ;-)!  Woot woot!  I’m so glad we didn’t know about his flight delay until Wednesday or I don’t think I would have gotten as much done this week!  After finishing the bedroom, I managed to reoganize some closets and clean up more areas in our unfinished basement in preparation for finishing those areas as well!

Another reason I am saving the full reveal for tomorrow is because I added a few details after I took the above pictures and I plan to sew up a few pillow shams tonight for his bed and chair.  Remember these fabrics?
Buck Forest Night

So excited to get started on that final project to complete the bedroom.  Yay for a super productive March Break!  If I can’t be lounging on a beach somewhere on the break, I certainly want to be accomplishing loads at home.

What did you do on your Spring/March Break?  If you spent it at an all-inclusive resort somewhere hot, please don’t comment.  Just kidding!  I’m happy for you, really I am….  😉

♥ Tina

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