Cottage Style Bedroom in the Basement

Woo hoo, it’s Friday!  Can’t wait for the weekend to begin so I can tackle all of the fun painting projects I have planned to squeeze in!  Remember this planked ceiling?cottage bedroom planked ceiling


This is the ceiling in the first basement bedroom we are currently finishing up.  My husband and I were brainstorming ways we he could do less drywall taping for this project and we came up with the idea to plank the ceiling.  I had wanted to plank the walls instead (#shiplapobsession) but the ceiling made more sense for this project.  Then I was thinking back to an inspiration photo I had from the last time we finished a basement bedroom for a teen boy:

Lettered Cottage Guest Bedroom
The Lettered Cottage

You guys, that bedroom had a planked ceiling!  And I loved it four years ago–and I still love it now!  Which means it has timeless style.  I still have the red paint that I had planned to use in that former bedroom somewhere so I’ll incorporate it somehow…  door, dresser, chair, stool, nightstand?  I recently purchased some black and white buffalo check fabric

and also some other cottagey-looking fabrics

Buck Forest Night

that I plan to use for pillows on his bed and curtains, etc.  And you all know I already have a can of black paint from my recent stairway painting project ;-).  We also already have the bamboo blinds as I must have accidentally ordered the wrong size for an upstairs window – oops!  Happy accident though because I love how Layla used the bamboo blinds to help warm up the space along with the light wood floors and baskets in the inspiration room.

Lettered Cottage Guest Bedroom
The Lettered Cottage

We picked up some laminate flooring on sale for only $1/sq. foot at Lowes similar to this:

light laminate flooring

It is all starting to come together… in my head ;-).  Now to make it come together in the actual room!  I have my rollers and brushes ready and plan to prime and paint this weekend so that my hubby can install the flooring and trim next week.  Ceiling will be white and the walls will be Sherwin Williams Light French Gray:

Light French Gray Sherwin Williams

Our son, Tyson, who we are completing this room for, is leaving for a mission trip to Haiti early on Wednesday morning so I don’t think we’ll be quite finished before he leaves.  But definitely done upon his return… #fingerscrossed

Here is a quick peek at another little project I completed while I had that black can of paint opened up last weekend (when I have a can of paint open, watch out!  Nothing is safe!):

mud room door before

So here is the door that enters into our mud/laundry room from our garage.  As you can see, the whites didn’t match (and also the door handle was installed crooked).  Drove me a lot little crazy but wasn’t high on the priority list of things to adjust.  However, once I had that can of black paint open, I had my husband adjust the handle and then went to town on this baby and voila:

black mud room door

I love how the black door pulls in the black from that French laundry sign (Chambre de Blanchisserie is French for “Laundry Room”) and contrasts with all of the white and gray in this room.  Now I’m looking for a striped rug similar to what Erin has in her kitchen ( for this room.

black and white striped rug

I have such fun plans for this room above the washer and dryer and in the coat/shoe storage area!  Can’t wait to show you…  Actually can’t wait to get STARTED on that project and finally have some functional storage in this room!  Coats, hats, mitts, boots and shoes for a family of six is not a pretty sight when there isn’t functional storage installed.  BUT, let’s focus on a project that I DO have complete, shall we?

black mud room door before and after


Yay for completed home projects and yay for the weekend!  Enjoy yours, I know I will enjoy mine (primer fumes will help)!  And maybe a little glass of wine to celebrate when I’m done will help too…  😉


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  1. Wow, you are getting some serious use out of that black paint! I love that door painted black it brings color in the floor and light fixture out. Those fabrics for your sons room are so much fun! Good luck to him on his mission trip!

    1. Thanks, Brooke! He is leaving late tonight and we hope to have the room finished for him upon his return… 😉

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