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Happy Friday, friends!  Today I would like to chat a bit about front porches since the warmer weather has FINALLY visited Southern Ontario and I’m itching to get our front porch all cleaned up and styled for summer living and porch sittin’!

Our current front porch–there she is in all her post-build glory.  Womp womp!  Besides the fact that we are in need of a long and thorough power washing session, I would like to direct your attention to the posts.  I’m so happy with our stone choice and we decided to carry that over to the bottom of the porch posts as you see here.  The top portion of the posts will be in a craftsman style and are currently in progress by my super talented husband.  Our inspiration for the craftsman style porch posts is here:

We hope the top of our posts will look similar to this except without the taper.  You can see at the very back of the top photo that one post already had the trim finished when I took the picture.   Since then Doug has squeezed in some more sessions and now only has one and 1/2 to finish before we break out the caulk and paint to brighten those babies up.  After the posts are finished we hope to add black shutters like this to two of our front exterior windows:

Here is a shot of the front exterior of our house from a while ago–although sadly not much has changed…:

We plan to add the the shutters and window boxes to the windows on the very left (mudroom) and right (master bathroom) similar to this:

window box inspiration

I LOVE generously sized window boxes so they will definitely be deeper than the above, but I do like the look of black shutters and black window boxes on our stone and gray siding so that is the plan for now.

We had plenty of showers in April and early May so decided to harrow the front yard and scatter some grass seed:

It is not coming in as thick as we had hoped but we’re not giving up just yet.  We’ll harrow and over-seed one more time and see if we can get a luscious lawn going before the scorching summer sun arrives…  I’ll keep you posted!

For now we’ll be happy with the little pocket of green I installed on the front porch to help it look a little less brown around here ;-)!  Oh, also I just ordered this rug from Amazon and am so excited to get my hands on that package so we can better welcome guests into our home!

welcome mat

Isn’t it the cutest?!?  I’m so exited for that package to arrive!  I’ll leave you with a few more front porch inspiration photos that I am working with and we’ll see if I can get some welcoming style similar to these set up by the end of the summer…

I love all of the herbs and other plants that brighten up this porch!

The ferns are such a perfect touch here with all of the black and white.

The planters, lanterns and rug–all to die for!

This just invites you to sit and sip some lemonade, doesn’t it?

Loving this simple style for the upper part of the columns.

Again with lanterns and planters to die for!

Lovely and welcoming aspirations…  What is on your front porch?  Comment below and let me know what you think should be on the “perfect front porch”.  Or, do you have an “unfinished” front porch like me and need a little push to add some personality and warmth?  Let’s work on our porches together, shall we?  Keep me posted with your progress on my facebook page: (also to your right in the sidebar menu).

In the meantime, you are welcome to stop by the blog anytime and I hope you feel welcomed and right at home ;-)!  Happy weekend and happy home making!  ♥ Tina


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