Farmhouse Style Mudroom

Hello, friends!  Today we FINALLY have the mudroom corner pre-reveal for your viewing pleasure.  Although, no one else can be gathering more pleasure from this mostly completed project than I am ;-)!  With six sets of shoes, coats and various other outerwear items needing a spot to land, we were well overdue for this cute yet practical solution.  Here we were a few weeks back at the BEFORE:

This little corner is located on the wall that you face as you enter our home from the garage.  The laundry is to your right and a wall that has a great solution for all those car and house keys is to your left (I’ll post about that soon).  This corner is small but needs to contain all. the. things. if you know what I mean!  One obstacle, other than the size of this corner, that needed a creative design solution was that lovely window which lets in so much light.  After studying the inspiration photos (you can see them all here in this post) we decided that the best solution would be to have the top shelf of our storage unit rest on top of the window trim.  This would also help the room seem more open and take advantage of the 9 foot ceiling height.

Here is the partial install of the mdf we used and you can see the shelf up there, happily resting on the window trim.  Trust me, hubby was also happy with that decision as no extra cutting was needed to shape the shelf edge around the trim.  Despite all of the home improvement projects I throw his way, I do have his best interests in mind at all times ;-).

There he is working away… love it!  Also note the dirty hockey jersey in the foreground…. which means the end of hockey season – yay…and the emptying of hockey bags with stinky equipment – boo!  As you can see our laundry sink, washer and dryer also share the window wall.  This is the only entrance into our home that our sons are allowed to use.  With no grass on our front yard yet, the mud must be contained somehow–mudroom to the rescue!  Although our amazing slate tile-look vinyl flooring helps to hide lots of dirt and grime:



My smart husband purchased side panels for the cubbies with pre-drilled holes for the shelving from Home Depot to make his life a bit easier.  Also, if our needs or basket sizes change in the future, the shelves are easy to adjust.

So that brought us to the point where trim was needed to bulk up the edges of the shelf and bench to make it look more substantial.  AND we decided to shiplap the back wall of the coat hook portion:

And no, we don’t wait for a project to be completed before we start to use it for storage in case you were wondering… 😉  Then it was time to paint and install the hooks.  I used Simply White by Benjamin Moore to coordinate with the trim throughout our entire home.

I love the way the white really makes the shiplap look crisp and clean!  The hooks are from Canadian Tire (here in Canada) and were around $7CAD each.  Here they are at Home Depot for $5.55 each in the United States.  I think that is an amazing price for such a large and expensive-looking hook.  I measured the hook area, made a cardboard template for the screw holes and we were ready to hang those hooks:

I had forgotten this fun little detail but there obviously must have been a Maple Leafs hockey game on tv and my husband obviously didn’t think I would be posting this picture on the blog.  Gotcha!  😉

Oops, back to the store for one more hook.  Since I purchased the hooks before we built the unit, we decided the final coat hook configuration after the unit was built.  Thank goodness the store still had them in stock and we grabbed one more and then voila:

This is not the final reveal as I am waiting for a sunny day 🙁 and I want to sew or find cushions for the bench.  The baskets on the top shelf I already owned and used to sit on top of our mudroom cubbies in our last house.  I need to dig up some pictures of those as they worked so well for our family (each one of us had our own 2′ x 2′ locker with shoe storage below and the basket sitting on a shelf above).  The other four square baskets are from Ikea a long time ago–like 18 years ago– and I am amazed they are still intact as they have held everything from toys, to shoes to hand-me-down clothes.  Definitely worth the initial investment ;-).  Anyway, they fit so perfectly they might just stay here and then I don’t have the added financial and time costs of having to find new ones.  The basket on the floor has always been in our “mudroom” wherever we have lived for the past 11 years and holds an assortment of soccer shin pads, ice skate blade covers, whistles, balls, gloves and general mudroom paraphernalia–don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about ;-).

Our family (OK, maybe it’s just me) is so relieved to finally have somewhere organized to hang our jackets and put our shoes!  One more project we can cross off THE LIST!  Speaking of “The List”, I have an exciting reveal coming up of our stairway to the basement, stay tuned but here is a sneak peek:

stairway sneak peek

Have a wonderful Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!  I hope you come again real soon! ♥ Tina


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  1. It’s coming together. Work in Progress. Post more……..
    Can’t wait til your next blog.

    1. Thanks, Aunt Karen! Definitely a work in progress ;-)!

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