Fifty Shades over the Fireplace

No, you are not dreaming–this is REALLY a new post on BH|MH.  I got so much done during my one month unintentional hiatus from the blog and I can’t wait to share it all with you!  Today I’m going to begin the sharefest with the shiplap over our reclaimed brick fireplace.

Here is the Ghost of Christmas Past taking us on a tour of our mantel on Dec. 15th:

Building House|Making Home Christmas Mantel

Yikes!  Glad we have progressed from that empty shell over the mantel!  If you remember from last post, we were hoping to enclose the chimney portion of the fireplace with something like this:

So just as soon as my husband had a day off during the Christmas holidays I put him straight to work getting all that beautiful shiplap installed.  My sweetie made quick work of this project and here we were already on New Year’s Eve:

You will notice another small change in this photo from the previous….  the slightly larger tv.  I guess hubby thought he deserved this as a Christmas gift due to his heavy labor on this project.  Whatever works–it sure motivated him to finish up that shiplap so he could hang the new tv.  😉  Ok, so now we were ready for paint–my turn!  I originally thought I wanted the shiplap painted white just like the inspiration picture.  Well…..  after I had primed it I wasn’t super stoked with how washed out it make the fireplace brick and mantel look but I decided to soldier on and put on one coat of Benjamin Moore Simply White (same colour as our trim and kitchen cabinets) to see if it finished the look off the way I was envisioning.  #notsomuch   I don’t have a picture of the shiplap all white but trust me, it just didn’t look right.  So, back to the paint store to get a can of paint matched to our kitchen island colour, Benjamin Moore Asphalt.  Here is a bad picture of my progress halfway through one coat:

Building House|Making Home Painting Fireplace Shiplap

Ahhh!  I could tell it was going to set off that fireplace so much better already!  Totally stoked, I pressed on and managed to get two coats of Asphalt on in one afternoon.  An added bonus was that I got to watch listen to my favie fave show, My Kitchen Rules Australia the entire afternoon!  (Funny story:  I work at a school and I knew the previous day already that icy roads were predicted for the next morning.  So when my husband said he needed to go to the home improvement store that evening, I tagged along and bought the can of gray paint in anticipation of my day off.  Usually that sort of thing would totally jinx the snow day, but this time it worked!  Woo hoo – one entire free day to get this project crossed off my list!  Along with catching up on laundry, of course ;-).)

Building House|Making Home Grey Shiplap Fireplace

Here is the finished product that very evening with a cozy fire and a NHL Hockey Game on the tv – just the way we like to spend cold evenings around here… We installed two pieces of mdf corner trim on each edge to finish it off–since the shiplap is very rustic it just looks a bit more finished with trim on the edges.  Next project will be to cover that ugly cold air return on the right side of the fireplace and style the bookcase on the left.  I have a really neat idea for that vent cover and of course it involves another “project” for my hubby ;-).  Love you, babe!  (Sorry for the grainy cell phone photos in this post–I wanted to update you all right away instead of waiting for a bright, sunny day at home when my “good camera” battery is charged.  Judging from the rainy weather we are having this week in addition to the fact that both of my “good camera” batteries are exhausted, that might have resulted in a two month hiatus from the blog.  Thanks for your understanding!)

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