Monday Miscellany & you had me at “Waco”

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I had so much packed onto my “To Do” list for the weekend–and basically not much of it got done.  Darn, I had such good intentions:

  1. staining the stairs to the basement
  2. organizing the deep freezer
  3. filling the bird feeder

4.  packing my suitcase for this weekend (more on that later)

5.  and other good wife & mom stuff.

Despite the many items that didn’t get done, I did manage to make cinnamon rolls,

make Valentine’s with my youngest,

clean, cook, chauffeur, cheer my hockey player on and entertain friends

–all of this while dual-parenting (my better half was out of town for the weekend).

Not a total weekend fail, I guess.

Hey, let’s go back to the packing my suitcase hint and talk about THIS weekend.  I’m leaving this Thursday for a WILD GIRLS’ WEEKEND IN WACO!  Yep, I know you are jealous.  I get a few extra days off this weekend due to the Family Day holiday here in Ontario.  By the way, Canadians are THE BEST at inventing holidays so we can work less and party more–I love that about Canadians ;-)!  Anyway, I have been using this random February long weekend for the past few years to do something fun with the ladies in my life and this year my mom thought it would be fun to go visit Chip & Joanna.  She had me at “Waco”…  😉

Magnolia Market – Silos in Waco, Texas

We are signed up for a tour with Waco Tours and David who was featured in season #3 – remember that hunky bachelor?  Yep, NOW I KNOW you are jealous!  I told mom she can ride shotgun ;-).  I’m not 100% sure we will actually get shown around Waco by David himself but here’s hopin’!  We will fly into Dallas on Thursday evening, stay in Waco for a few days, go to church and visit my sister’s friends in Austin for a day and then return to Dallas for sight-seeing and fly out late Monday night.  Stay tuned for all the details about our Wild Waco Weekend when I return next Tuesday.

So you know that lots of productivity experts say if you really want to get into Super Productive Mode you need to pretend like you are going out of town in a few days and list all the items you would like to get done before you go?  Well, I don’t need to “pretend”, people!  Hoping I can at least get the bird feeder filled, freezer organized and a few stairs stained before I pack my suitcase.  #notrealistic #couldhappen #whocaresillbeinwaco  😉

Happy Monday!

♥ Tina



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