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Moving for our family of six is not what I would call fun, however, I do see the positives in it–moving is always a good exercise in decluttering and organizing ALL THE THINGS!  The first time we moved “with kids” was 10 years ago and it was what I would call a “fairly organized” move.  I was then running a home daycare and so could pack and organize in any little pockets of time that I found available throughout the day as I was home all day.  There are four moving tips that I used ten years ago and found that those same tricks are still just as valuable and time-saving ten years later–especially since our family is moving twice in six months with a full-time job for mom and four kids this time around.  #whatwerewethinking

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#1.) COLOR CODE YOUR MOVE:  I used a color-coded system where I chose a color for each room in our new house, used corresponding colored construction paper squares to write the contents of each box and taped it to the side of the box.  I also wrote in sharpie on the top of each box the contents and what room it went in.  Then at the new house, I taped a large sheet of the colored construction paper to the doorway of each corresponding room and then anyone helping us move in would know where each colored box went.  I also taped the appropriate colored construction paper to furniture for each room and tied matching colored ribbon onto garbage bags that held pillows, bedding and other bulky items.  I plan to use the color coding strategy for this move as well – click here for a great blog post about a similar system.

#2.)  MAKE A MOVING BINDER:  Megan from The Homes I Have Made blog knows a thing or two about moving!   Married to a US Marine, her family is in their 6th home in 10 years!  Megan is a girl after my own heart as she has made resources that can organize your move into a military operation in itself and they are FREE!

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Megan’s moving binder is my number one moving tip (and it is super cute and did I mention free?)!  I made a binder of my own with her printables and loaded her moving spreadsheet onto my skydrive so I could keep everything at my fingertips and up-to-date both at work and at home during our last move.  Since we are currently living in a rental home while we build, we are staring down ANOTHER MOVE in the very near future–ugh!  However, this move will be so much more exciting as we will be moving into our newly built home–woot woot!


#3.)  LABEL THE SIDES OF THE BOXES:  Another one of my favorite moving tips is to make sure that you label the SIDES of the boxes.  Labeling the sides as well as box tops is important because when they are stacked on top of one another, it makes life so much easier. For six months we have been living in a rental house with a basement full of stacked boxes and if we have needed something that is packed, I could simply run down to the basement and do a quick scan of the sides of the boxes to find what I needed. That tip is a total life saver this time around for sure!


#4.) PACKING KIT/CADDY:    A packing kit/basket/caddy is super efficient and the best strategy for those of us who tend to get interrupted while packing (ahem, hello moms and wives who have to squeeze packing into already overstuffed days…) ;-).  Make sure you include scissors, packing tape sharpies, labels, {color coded labels, color key, paper and ribbon if you are color coding your move}, box cutter, and timer if you need to set one for extra motivation– “You can do anything for 15 minutes” ~ Flylady  ;-).

Here are a few of my other favorite moving Pins:


Hope the above tips and tricks help you if you plan to move in the near future! Oh, and one more share… this is my fave youtube video with moving tips from WhatsUpMoms (I am totally crushing on her “Book It!” t-shirt!!!):

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