Still Spinning from the Silos!

Welp, I’m back.  My head is literally spinning from all of the visual goodness and inspiration in Waco this past weekend.  Or the spinning could be due to the fact that I am running on about 4 hours sleep (max) today.  Coffee tasted especially good at my desk this morning ;-).  On to a few teaser photos as you don’t really care how tired I am today, do you?


You guys…… it was CRAZY TOWN there!  We went for the first visit (we went three times over the course of the weekend) on Friday morning around 11AM.   It was quite crowded in the store, at the food trucks, in the seed shop and of course, the bakery.


There wasn’t a line to enter the silos (because ALL THE PEOPLE were in the store) but there was a long line up at the Silos Baking Co.  I’ll bet those people waited over two hours for their cupcakes…  Not judging–we went to the Silos three times in in four days…  Just saying…



We heard later that weekend that Friday was the very first time they had ever sold out of cupcakes!  We waited until Saturday morning (second visit) to grab some goodies from the bakery–I had the Lemon Lavender cupcake–it definitely did not disappoint.



White pitchers on display – Erin, this one’s for you ;-).



We decided to scope out items to purchase and then come back on Monday morning (third visit) when the lines were smaller to actually buy ;-).



Our smart thinking strategy totally paid off – I was the only customer at the counter on Monday morning and the shop had been open for 20 minutes already.  However, there were a few items that sold out on Friday or Saturday and one of my friends wasn’t able to purchase what she had her heart set on.  Silos Lesson #1:  If you love it, buy it on the first visit ;-).



The outdoor area was a fun mix of games, food, gardens and rustic industrial inspiration.



Future chicken coop inspiration:



Really…. even the seed store floor is to die for…



So many new ideas and project inspiration!  I get tired just thinking about all of the potential projects–ok, maybe that’s just the lack of sleep ;-).  But Waco was worth every bit of lost sleep and gained pounds.  More photos tomorrow, folks!  Thanks for clicking in the top right sidebar to subscribe to my blog!







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  1. Aunt Karen says: Reply

    NOW! we want to see posts involving all the wonderful ideas you incorporate into your new home. Did you get the recipe for the cupcake?

    1. Coming soon! We just visited Home Depot last night to pick up paint and supplies ;-). We have big plans for this weekend. As for the cupcakes–I don’t bake often because I end up eating too much of it… 🙁 But, I’ll let you know if I find a good lemon lavender recipe. Love you, Aunt Karen!

  2. Tina! Oh my word.. your post made my night! What a FUN trip! I’m totally living vicariously thought you right now! I wish I would have been with you. Too much FUN! I want one of everything in that store. Especially all of the white pitchers.. thanks for thinking of me. 😉 Love it all cutie! What a fun post and an amazing trip. I’m so happy for you that you got to see it! xo

    1. Erin, It WAS such a fun and inspirational trip! I have so many home projects added to my list just from that one visit–my husband is already rolling his eyes ;-)! There were tons of white pitchers… you would have been in heaven! I hope you get to go soon as well! 😉

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