Teen Boy Cottage Bedroom Reveal

Hello, and happy Saturday!  I am so excited to head for the airport soon to pick up our long lost son ;-).  I wrote about where he has been and why he has been away so long yesterday.   I know, it has only been 10 days but we are missing him tons and can’t wait for him to see his NEW ROOM!

cottage basement bedroom for teen boy

So yesterday I mentioned that I was going to sew up a few pillow covers with the buffalo check and deer head fabrics that I purchased recently from Fabric.com.  Despite having flashbacks from many of my 4-H sewing disasters years ago, I dug out the old sewing machine and ironing board and got to work.

cottage bedroom teen boy

One chick flick and a few pin pricks later, I managed to complete three pillow covers (two for the bed and one for the chair).  I know, right up there with Martha Stewart, hey?

cottage bedroom teen boy

Ok, so my mom was my 4-H sewing instructor, and maybe that paired with the fact that I was a sassy teenager caused the flashbacks because I didn’t do too badly with these covers after all.  Mom, don’t look too close during your next visit–definitely NOT 4-H fair quality ;-).

The desk is now complete.  I used gray chalk paint to paint the trim and bars on the bottom and paired with the twin bedframe legs I told you about yesterday… I think it turned out great–simple and cottagy looking!

cottage bedroom teen boy

We were also pleasantly suprised with how well the ceiling turned out.  I talked about how we tackled that project here.

We ended up using a leftover light fixture (found on Amazon here) we had from our build since it would give plenty of light, is mounted close to the ceiling and we already had it on hand.  I tried to use materials that we had on hand already for this bedroom as a challenge for myself to see how much we could actually save.

The nightstand is one his older brother had in our previous home and doesn’t clash too badly so we are using it for now.  He made the concrete bedside lamp in shop class at school last year so I just added an Edison bulb to make it more vintage-looking.

Great-opa’s wardrobe is in the corner under the bulkhead storing all of his clothing and hamper.

cottage bedroom teen boy

His grandpa’s guitar closes off the tour.  He used to mention guitar lessons from time to time so I had him try some sample lessons on the internet and he soon lost interest.  Um mmm, momma knows how much she used to HATE piano lessons.  You can be sure I am going to test how serious my boys are before dropping major cash on any sort of music lessons.  NOTE:  As well as being my patient and kind 4-H sewing instructor, my mother also lovingly forced me to take 8 years of piano lessons.  I’m suprised I’m not in therapy ;-).  Sorry you didn’t get your money’s worth, mom.  Love you ;-)!

cottage bedroom teen boy

Anywho, sure had fun doing this project for my 17-year-old son and we finally get to show him his new room late tonight–actually VERY early tomorrow morning.  Also, props go out to my super husband who crafted the plank ceiling, framed, drywalled, taped and installed the flooring and trim (oh and also the blinds and light fixture).  Obviously I could have done it without him but why work on something alone when we could squeeze in some quality “couple time” ;-).  Love you, babe!

Was anyone else out there forced to take music lessons?  Maybe I am the only one that didn’t like piano lessons, but despite the teen angst-filled sewing instruction sessions, I’m sure glad I know how–thanks, mom!

♥ Tina

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    Tyson will love his new bedroom!

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