What I Learned in Waco

Hey friends!  Can you believe it is Friday already?!?  I know I promised to post some more pictures of my recent trip to Waco, TX earlier but this week has flown by!  Like seriously, I think I lost a day or so somewhere…  😉  Anyway, I’m back with more pictures of Waco and the Silos and other good stuff.  I wanted to pass along some tips if you are contemplating a trip to Waco soon since I learned a few things last weekend.


Our group of five arrived at Magnolia HQ on a Friday morning around 11AM.  We had to drive in from Dallas where we had landed late the night before or we would have opened up the place at 9AM. 😉  I was pleasantly surprised that we didn’t have to wait in line to enter the store (however there was a long lineup for cupcakes at the Silos Baking Co.).   Saying that, the store was PACKED!  There were long lineups at both checkouts and here is a visual:

There is an initial show floor when you enter with a guest book to sign immediately to your right (don’t forget!) and a check out area on the left.

To the right of the guest book table is this view towards a “kitchen” display area:

I think I have found a kitchen vent hood cover solution!

That’s right, honey… you thought you were done in the kitchen when I had you lower those shelves, didn’t you?  😉

And then various gardening and housewares displays and vignettes:

I ended up purchasing one of those sweet little creamers on the bottom shelf of the tiered stand on the left.


Then if you head straight back, there is another show floor on the lower level.

Photo credit for the above and a few others: my Mom (Thanks, mom!)

with another super cute checkout counter (showing the no line situation on Monday morning).

You can then head outside to play games on the astro turf,

grab some food from the food trucks and sit at the lovely covered tables to enjoy

or head over to the precious little seed supply shop for even more home and garden goodies:

We used our Friday mid-day visit as a sort of scouting session to see what was for sale at Magnolia Market so that when we went shopping at the other places in Waco (on Saturday) we knew what was available only at Magnolia and what you could purchase elsewhere (without standing in line…).

We went on a Waco Tour on Friday afternoon to get the lay of the land–it helped us map out our Plan of Attack for Saturday and Monday ;-).


Saturday morning we were up bright and early to head to the Silos and arrived around 8:30AM.

We stood in line for cupcakes from the Silos Baking Co. for about 30 or 45 minutes (estimate) but they do have a good system where they have employees handing out order cards as you stand in line so that when you come up to the counter your order is ready to submit and everything goes quick.  I guess we could have showed up for 7:30 AM when the bakery opens but, hello, we were on vacation!

I had a lemon lavender cupcake.  Yum!

It was a nice, sunny day on Saturday so we sat out on the patio enjoying our cupcakes and coffees.

It was CRAZY TOWN in the Market and on the grounds on Saturday so after our “breakfast” we decided to hit the other antique and home goods shops in Waco.

The Findery was my favourite!

They were even handing out free glasses of wine for National Drink Wine Day–did you even know that was a thing?!?  Me neither!

We walked through quite a few other antique and home goods shops in Waco and they were definitely worth the visits

but they all started to blend together after a while….

We hit a popular local eatery, Health Camp, for a not-so-healthy lunch break ;-).

I don’t think I have ever had a BLT with so much bacon on it…

Definitely need to hit the treadmill a few extra times this weekend!  Cupcakes and BLT’s and onion rings, oh my! 😉

On Sunday we worshiped at Austin New Church, ate lunch at True Food Kitchen and then hit South Congress Avenue with some of my sister’s high school friends.   I’ll post more on the sites we saw in Austin and Dallas later.

Monday morning we were back at Magnolia Silos nice and early and stood in line so we could be one of the first to enter the shop at 9AM.

Y’all, even the washrooms are cute!

This strategy definitely paid off as there was no line when I was ready to pay for my choices (#shiplap t-shirt, kitchen timer and creamer) .

I got a black one…  ♥

Look, no lines!!!

We headed back to Dallas later on Monday in order to view the Arboretum and catch our evening flight back home.

Planning a visit to Waco soon?  Here are a few things I think you should consider for the best trip outcome:

  1. CUPCAKES:  Be at the Silos Baking Co. by 7:30AM if you want cupcakes.
  2. DON’T GO SATURDAY:  If you can, plan your shopping at Magnolia Market for a day other than Saturday and show up early (I suggest 8:30AM as they open at 9AM).  You can walk around the grounds while you are waiting for the store to open.  It is not open on Sunday FYI.
  3. SCOUT FIRST:  Scout the items at the Magnolia Market before you head out to the other stores in Waco–lots of stuff is the same.  Then you can revisit Magnolia knowing exactly what you want to purchase and avoid lines (I only bought things at Magnolia that had “Magnolia” on them or that I couldn’t find elsewhere).
  4. TAKE PICTURES:  Take lots of photos at the Silos as there is so much to see it gets overwhelming.  I took so many pictures of things I want to incorporate into my own home or decor projects my husband can do I can do myself instead of buying them ready-made. 😉
  5. BOOK A WACO TOUR:  Book a tour with Waco Tours at the beginning of your visit.  It helps to plan the rest of your stay.
  6. PACK LIGHT:  Finally, bring an extra suitcase leave some extra room in your suitcase when packing so you have room for your purchases ;-).  See this post where I planned a capsule wardrobe for the weekend so that I could leave as much space as possible in my suitcase to take my purchases back home.

Hope you found these tips helpful and I really hope you can plan a trip to Waco soon if you are a Fixer Upper fan like me.  It was fun and super inspiring to see everything in person–even if I didn’t get to meet Chip & Joanna!  😉

Have a great weekend and I hope you come again real soon!



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  1. What a fun trip! I am a fan of fixer upper, but not sure I will ever visit from the northeast. I loved getting to see it what it’s really like in all the pictures on your post.

    1. Brooke,
      I have lots more pictures than I posted if you can believe it…. ;-). I’ll be posting soon about some projects that were inspired by my trip–stay tuned!

  2. Carol Humecky says: Reply

    Thanks for a great tour.

    1. You are most welcome, Carol!

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